Acne Face Mapping

Ever wondered if there was a link between where on your face your breakouts occur and other factors in your life? Well maybe there is. According to ancient Chinese medicine, you can tell a lot about a person’s health just by looking at their face.


Acne face mapping splits the face into zones, which each represent another part of the body. Depending on whereabouts your pimples pop up, might give clues to underlying conditions that you are not aware of. Interesting, huh? Let’s take a look….


  • The forehead – the digestive system and bladder


Time to have a look at your diet. Are you eating lots of high GI junk foods? Cut them out and see if it makes a difference.


Make sure you drink enough fluid too, water preferably, to keep your bladder happy.


  • Between the eyes – the liver


Are you drinking too much alcohol? Maybe you need to sober up and abstain for a while!


Is your diet high in saturated fat? Ditch the chips and see if that helps.


Or, are you lactose intolerant? Check food labels carefully to make sure hideen lactose isn’t creeping into your diet.


  • The cheeks – the lungs


Do you smoke? Perhaps it’s time to quit. For a variety of health reasons, you know it’s the right thing to do, but if you are getting breakouts on your cheeks and you’re a smoker, now you know why!


Maybe you are allergy prone? Its not always easy to avoid allergens, but if you can help pinpoint what you are allergic to, then you might have a good chance of clearing your skin.


Or just try getting out in the fresh air more. Do some exercise and reap the benefits.


  • The nose – cardiovascular system


A tell-tale sign of high blood pressure is breakouts on the nose. If this is your problem area, pick up your phone now and make an appointment to get it checked. Do it now!


Alternatively, your acne may be rosacea. This is pretty common skin complaint, affecting one in ten people in the UK, according to, so if your face is red and flushed too, rosacea is the likely cause.


  • Jawline – the ovaries

This area is not so easy to tackle. Unfortunately, breakouts in this area are often accompanied by PMT – something which is unavoidable for most women.


Another cause could be your toothpaste, or flouroderma.


Or, maybe you’ve just had some external dental work? Once your body has got over the trauma of this, your skin should start to clear up too.


  • The chin – hormones and the small intestine


Breakouts on your chin can be associated with stress-related hormonal imbalances. Maybe it’s time for a lifestyle change.


Undiagnosed food allergies can also cause spots on the chin, so if you suspect this, see a dietician and look at the starting an elimination diet to get to the root of the problem.